Culpeper Competes

We are working with Culpeper Tourism & Economic Development to support Culpeper Competes: a comprehensive 9-class virtual series designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully start or grow your business. The registration deadline is Thursday, 1/28!

Downtown Dollars

We are participating in the Downtown Dollars program! For $100, you can purchase $150 Downtown Dollars which are accepted at participating merchants, like K Art and Design.
  • Culpeper Downtown Dollars may be purchased in person on a first come first serve basis only on Wednesday, January 27, 2021, starting at 12pm at the CRI office located at 127 West Davis Street via Cash, Check, or Credit Card (credit card purchases will include a 3% convenience fee)
  • Only $100 worth of Culpeper Downtown Dollars may be purchased. Spend $100 and get $150 in Culpeper Downtown Dollars!
  • One purchase only per household
  • Culpeper Downtown Dollars are valid thru March 31, 2021 and are not redeemable for cash.
For more information, contact Culpeper Renaissance, Inc. (CRI) at 540-825-4416 or cridirector@culpeperdowntown.com

Deadlines and Downtown Dollars

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. These first few weeks after the holidays are especially challenging for our friends in retail, and restaurants continue to struggle too. Please support small businesses as you pick up gifts for birthdays (and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). This is a simple way that you can be a force for good. We are excited to be participating in CRI’s Downtown Dollars program.
Finally, I want to mention that K Art and Design was celebrating 15 years in Culpeper last year, and this month we celebrated our 19th anniversary in business. We’ll turn 20 next year when Cole graduates high school which is a really wild thought. I remember bringing him in his carseat carrier to deliver projects, and he remembers later meetings when generous customers would give him lots of branded swag to play with while we talked. It hasn’t been easy, and this past year certainly put us through the wringer, but I feel so fortunate to be working through this alongside all of you.
Warmest wishes and virtual hugs,

RBG pop-up shop

Tony’s December tradition of 25 Days of Snowflakes included this tribute to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was so popular, that we’ve set up a pop-up shop with shirts, masks, keychains, and more!
All orders must be placed by Sunday, 1/24 so our friends at Kash Imprints can start production.

Art Jam Registration is Open!

A lesson on Rex Ray and shape during this our first virtual session last fall

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season, and that if you made resolutions that they include making more art! Registration is now open for our winter classes, and the details are on our class page. I’ve decided to continue teaching virtually through Zoom. My spring class schedule is due to Parks & Rec on Monday, and I’m leaning towards more virtual classes. If you have an opinion on that, please email me because I’d love to know your thoughts.

Happy & Healthy New Year!

Happy & Healthy Holidays!

Tony has been cutting his snowflakes again this year, but the resulting confetti is on the floor at home instead of the studio. There are just a few more days of the 25 Days of Snowflakes, but you can see all of them on Facebook and Instagram,

From our family to yours, we want to wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. It may be different, but there are still opportunities for it to be joyful! As I’ve been teaching exercises classes at Powell Wellness Center, I’ve learned to appreciate that there are still smiles underneath those masks…sometimes you have to look more carefully to see them!

Thank you sincerely for your business and support during this challenging year. It has meant so much to us and helped us juggle the demands of virtual school with our kids. We are grateful to be part of a very special community.

Happy Holidays!

25 Days of Snowflakes

I realize the holidays are a little different this year, and one thing I’ve noticed is that Christmas trees and decorations have been going up a lot earlier! Twinkling lights are so cheerful, especially as our hours of daylight become shorter. The shops in downtown Culpeper are in full holiday mode, and I hope you’ll have an opportunity to visit and help support them.

Tony is preparing for his annual 25 Days of Snowflakes, and this year we have a shirt for sale thanks to our friends at Kash Imprints. On sale now through December 4, they come in a variety of colors, and are available with festive packaging and a gift message. Click here to purchase.

Tony has been cutting custom pop culture snowflakes for the past 6 years and posting them on social media. The shirt design includes some of his most popular snowflake patterns including Baby Yoda, Sesame Street, and The Grinch. If you look carefully, you’ll discover hidden references and characters. You can follow along beginning December 1st on Facebook and Instagram.

Sales of our shirts benefit our Art Jam classes and help to offset the investment in technology to transition these classes online. I taught our first classes through Zoom this fall, and while it required a lot more planning, it ran very smoothly. I was so happy to see that the kids adjusted so well and were very interactive with me and each other. Our next session will begin February 2 and it will focus on drawing. I also have some virtual watercolor workshops planned for all kids and adults.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share art with all of you. I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!

15 Years of K Art & Design in Culpeper: Culpeper Air Fest

The CulpeperAir Fest is a celebration of aviation heritage and is a fun, family-friendly, community-oriented event. The show is locally produced, free to the public, and draws top performers from around the nation. We have worked with the Culpeper Air Fest since 2016, rebranding the festival, designing the event graphics, and redesigning the website. We’ve created everything from posters and street banners, t-shirts and hats, and fundraising materials like brochures and invitations.

Tony serves on the marketing committee for the Air Fest board, and he really enjoys being immersed in the event—taking photos of the 5th graders at the STEM event, prepping for the Sponsor Night Lights event, and helping with the finishing touches on the Jumbotron presentation with the Culpeper Media Network crew.

The Air Fest did not take place this year, but we look forward to when we can hear those planes buzzing overhead again!

2017 Theme Design & Poster

Logo System

2018 Theme Design & Poster

Our Favorite Cake Guy Turns 100!

Wayne Thiebaud is one of the most popular artists I’ve shared with students, and while they may remember him as the “cake guy,” his art definitely makes an impression. He’s one of my favorite artists too because of his work and his wonderful attitude as reflected in the quote…

“If we don’t have a sense of humor, we lack a sense of perspective.”

The Crocker Museum in California has been trying to celebrate this special birthday with a retrospective of his work, but the museum has had to close repeatedly because of the pandemic. The show will eventually travel to other museums around the country, and I think right now the closest it may come is Pennsylvania. I’ll definitely be watching for it and will let you know!

You can read more about the show and his work here.

Here’s an older video interview too.

Virtual Art Festival and Open House

I’m getting the gallery at my studio ready for my first virtual art show tomorrow. The Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival has gone virtual, and I’ll be participating online as well as having an open house at the studio from 10-2. Masks are required, and private appointments can be made as well. Feel free to stop by virtually or in-person! I plan to paint while I’m there since that’s what I usually do at shows. It keeps me busy and less nervous.
My virtual booth will have all of my new paintings from this year. This is the most artwork I’ve created since college, and it’s been one very positive thing to come out of this very strange year. I’ve made 67 paintings that vary in size from my little watercolors which are 2.5″x3.75″ to acrylic paintings as large as 12″x24″. I hope to complete painting #68 during the festival!
Thank you all for your kind and generous support! I paint because the process of painting helps me find peace of mind. I get to slow down, explore, and play. I share and sell my work because that brings me so much joy in the wonderful people I have met and the stories they have shared with me.. I think of my work as brightening spaces in people’s homes with pops of color, but maybe it can do more than that. I’d like to think so.