Our business began in the basement of a rented townhouse in Centreville, Virginia on January 17, 2002. That was the day that the official paperwork was dated when I received the incorporation papers back. I was so relieved because I had filed all of that on my own, and it was far more complicated than I had expected. At the time, it felt like an achievement to even get that far.

The business was named K Art and Design after my Aunt Kay who had encouraged my artistic pursuits from the time I was a little girl painting seashells at her beach house to when I was a high school student trying to figure out my college major. She passed away from liver cancer when I was a sophomore, but during her time with hospice we had talked about my plans to study art. She had studied art before she married and then didn’t really return to it until she was retired. I have some of her early drawings which were rich pencil drawings with dramatic shading. Later she felt more confident crafting but she would make small tinsel paintings once in a while.

So the K in K Art and Design is for Kay, and while the focus of the business has always been graphic design, there was a hope that it may grow to include more traditional art as well. Our first art offerings were art classes for kids and adults, and I’m so glad to be able to offer others the encouragement that my Aunt Kay gave to me. Making art can feel vulnerable, and I know first hand the impact that support can have. Our next session of Art Jam starts next week with Art of Play.

While Tony prefers to work digitally, many of his projects start in sketchbooks and he enjoys participating in Inktober each year. I’ve grown into a steady painter in watercolor and acrylics. Our kids draw and paint and used art in new ways to help them through a difficult year of all virtual school. Cole is applying to architecture programs in Virginia and beyond. At the 20 year mark, there is more art than ever before at K Art and Design.

Thank you for keeping us busy and helping us stay inspired!