I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. These first few weeks after the holidays are especially challenging for our friends in retail, and restaurants continue to struggle too. Please support small businesses as you pick up gifts for birthdays (and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner). This is a simple way that you can be a force for good. We are excited to be participating in CRI’s Downtown Dollars program.
Finally, I want to mention that K Art and Design was celebrating 15 years in Culpeper last year, and this month we celebrated our 19th anniversary in business. We’ll turn 20 next year when Cole graduates high school which is a really wild thought. I remember bringing him in his carseat carrier to deliver projects, and he remembers later meetings when generous customers would give him lots of branded swag to play with while we talked. It hasn’t been easy, and this past year certainly put us through the wringer, but I feel so fortunate to be working through this alongside all of you.
Warmest wishes and virtual hugs,