Kelly Roz Art

Kelly’s Etsy shop features original acrylic and watercolor paintings. Her work is playful and packed with color and made with the intent to brighten a space and inspire a smile.

K Art Holiday Store

Introducing the 12 Days of Snowflakes Ornament Collection with designs from Tony’s 25 Days of Snowflakes over the years. Plus the return of the RBG line.

Valve Store

In addition to pop culture designs, Tony has also worked with various video game properties such as Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Warframe. Check out what is available over at the Valve Store.

Art Supplies on Amazon

The following are supplies that we use both personally and professionally, as well as in the Art Jam classes. We do receive a portion of sales if you use the links provided on this page. Thank you for your support of our classes!

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