Shoes, rocks, and websites

The expression “the cobbler’s child has no shoes” has been haunting me as Tony and I struggled to redesign our website. While our website had been designed to grow with the business, it was showing its age, and the content was embarrassingly out of date.

The majority of our time is spent on projects for customers, and it was very difficult to carve out enough time to focus on an internal project. We’d take the time to get started, make a little progress, and then have to stop to work on something else. Each time we’d talk about the website, it felt like we were starting all over again. It was like rolling a heavy rock up a hill and having it roll back down because you stopped before you reached the top.

What changed? It’s going to sound counterintuitive, but taking a summer road trip was a big part of the solution. The week of July 4th, we drove to WI to visit family. With the holiday in the middle of the week, work was pretty quiet as everyone took time off to celebrate. Tony worked hard to get the structure of the website completed before our trip. While the uncles and cousins played games, I worked on content for a section of the site each evening. We’d visit and have adventures during the day, and I’d only work at night. The site was 90% done by the end of our working vacation.

With the crest of the hill in sight, we were determined to finish. We had saved the portfolio and a new case study section for last. It’s with great relief I can now say, the new and improved is launched!

Not only have I learned more WordPress through the process, I have a new understanding for the importance of setting aside enough time to make real progress on a project…and a change of scenery is good for the brain too!