This weekend is the Culpeper County Public Schools art show which will feature artwork from all grade levels. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support the hardworking teachers, young artists, and their families. Please take the time to visit the exhibit and if you have children with you, ask them to pick some of their favorite pieces and tell you what they like about them. Learning to talk about art is a great skill to develop–finding words to express how you feel about something visual can be a challenge and a valuable exercise.

Our homeschool academy class wraps up next week, and we will have our own small art show on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:15 a.m. This will give families a chance to see everyone’s work and either leave when class is over at 11:30 or you’re welcome to stay a bit longer if you have the time. We’ll have some light refreshments which the kids are very excited about.