The mission of the Culpeper Wellness Foundation is to improve health and promote wellness in Culpeper, Madison, and Orange counties. In addition to operating the Free Clinic of Culpeper, Powell Wellness Center, and Culpeper Sport & Fitness, the Foundation also provides mission-related community grants.

The Healthy Living Grants have supported organizations like fire & rescue companies, dental clinics, libraries, and shelters. The ninja warrior course at Rockwater Park is a result of a Wellness Foundation grant, and they also contributed funding for the Bright Spot inclusive playground at the Culpeper Sports Complex.

While we did not design the Foundation’s logo, we did work with them to use it as a starting point for a cohesive and flexible branding system that has been able to grow with its programs. In 2017, we began a redesign of the Foundation’s website as well as those for the Free Clinic of Culpeper, Powell Wellness Center, and Culpeper Sport & Fitness. It was a large undertaking because it required an audit of all of the content on the sites and a reorganization to make information easier to find. The separate websites needed to visually coordinate while still reflecting the unique character of each group. It was helpful that Kelly’s side hustle has been teaching fitness at Powell Wellness Center, and Tony has been a member at Culpeper Sport & Fitness since before it joined the Foundation family and it was the Culpeper Racquet Club.

We’re proud to continue to be a part of the Culpeper Wellness Foundation’s story. They are a force of good in our community, and even with the current challenges, they continue to do this important work. For free online fitness classes, click here.


Culpeper Wellness Foundation annual report, click here to download the full report.

Trolley ad, part of a series for Free Clinic of Culpeper

Turkey Trot logo for Powell Wellness Center