The CulpeperAir Fest is a celebration of aviation heritage and is a fun, family-friendly, community-oriented event. The show is locally produced, free to the public, and draws top performers from around the nation. We have worked with the Culpeper Air Fest since 2016, rebranding the festival, designing the event graphics, and redesigning the website. We’ve created everything from posters and street banners, t-shirts and hats, and fundraising materials like brochures and invitations.

Tony serves on the marketing committee for the Air Fest board, and he really enjoys being immersed in the event—taking photos of the 5th graders at the STEM event, prepping for the Sponsor Night Lights event, and helping with the finishing touches on the Jumbotron presentation with the Culpeper Media Network crew.

The Air Fest did not take place this year, but we look forward to when we can hear those planes buzzing overhead again!

2017 Theme Design & Poster

Logo System

2018 Theme Design & Poster